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Attic Door Insulation Cover

Attic Door Insulation Cover

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Don't allow cool air or heat to escape from your home: Even if your attic is well insulated, the folding ladder that provides access to your attic can still be causing tremendous cooling & heat loss. These ladders generally offer only a thin piece of plywood between your living space and the excessive heat or cold in your attic. Using thermal imaging it is not unusual to record hot air temperatures of 110°F or more leaking in around these ladder units in the heat of summer.
A Reach Attic Ladder Insulation Kit can prevent this from happening easily and inexpensively.
Each Kit is constructed using Reach Barrier’s Reflective Air² Insulation - comprised of two layers of sealed air laminated between two layers of durable reflective polyethylene providing the ultimate in radiant heat protection. Reach Barrier’s Reflective Air² is completely made in the USA and is subjected to internal and third-party testing to make certain it is able to withstand the most aggressive environmental conditions such as high heat and humidity. Reach Barrier’s Reflective Air² meets all ASTM standards and complies with building codes.

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